A plethora of errors, contradictions and flaws

The News International
Wednesday, June 04, 2008

ISLAMABAD: The scheme of the Constitution of 1973 mandates the nation in the months of May and June has only to focus on budget making so that the country be geared through any economic or financial problems. It is with this purpose that the Constitution mandates that no other business shall be transacted when the money bill is presented before the National Assembly. This overwhelming directive of the Constitution has been frustrated and virtually set at naught by introducing the constitutional package debate at a point of time when the nation should have concentrated and focused only on the budget making and its leadership should have steered the country through massive economic crisis being termed by experts as economic meltdown.

After a thorough reading of the proposed constitutional package, at least I have come away with a feeling of extreme disappointment. The package is self-contradictory, full of absurdities, and seems to have been prepared without any serious application of mind. Let me share with you my views on salient features of the proposed amendments